The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has had an amazing impact of the quality of my life.

For many years migraines dominated my life. They were totally debilitating with disturbed vision, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise and almost unbearable pain. The migraines could last from 5 to 14 days and would occur at least once a month. It was distressing both for myself and my partner, who felt helpless watching me suffer so much. Prescription medicine was having very little effect and, of course, it came with its own risks.

Ailsa was very positive that she could help. I liked that there was no promise of a ‘cure’. Unlike all the doctors and hospital consultants I had seen over the years, I felt Ailsa really listened and cared about the effect the migraines were having on my overall health.

I loved learning about oriental medicine. I felt the treatment was a partnership between Ailsa and myself. Acupuncture was relaxing and afterwards I would often feel reenergised. The herbs were generally not as bad as I thought they would be. If they were unpleasant I just reminded myself that they were doing me good.

The frequency and severity of my migraines has been greatly reduced. In the last six months I have only had three migraines and they typically lasted three or four days. The pain levels have generally been half what they used to be. My use of presciption medicine is now a quarter of what it used to be. I no longer feel migraines control my life.

I am sure that continued oriental medicine treatment will result in a further reduction in severity and frequency.

I would urge any migraine sufferer to try oriental medicine.

Ailsa, thank you for giving me my life back. Your care and empathy is much appreciated.

Isobel, East Kilbride

A big bundle of thank you's for all the acupuncture you give me. I find it really helpful and grounding – you probably don’t realise how much you actually help me. You have a lovely energy about you, and your generosity of spirit is healing in itself.

Niki, Glasgow

Eventually I was persuaded to try acupuncture through Ailsa Lauchlan as my wife and son had experienced very good results after only a couple of treatments. On my first visit I found Ailsa willing to take time to listen to my problems mostly to do with my loss of form at golf which I felt might be due to anxiety. The treatment was gentle but I did find a relaxation and I booked another visit. This time the after glow was more pronounced and I found myself to be more positive in life in general and had an improvement in my game. Now I need some therapy to stay out of bunkers

Len Weir, Troon

My first labour pains started exactly 12 hours after my acupuncture session, at midnight on Sunday 21st. We had been through at our neighbours for dinner, and had only gone to bed half an hour before, so we didn't get any sleep that night. It was either the acupuncture or the pint of Guinness, or a combination of both, but it did the trick. I was so glad not to be induced. The labour went well, and after only the use of the birthing pool, some gas and air and 24 mins of pushing, our beautiful baby boy was born at 7.24pm.

If I ever end up in a similar overdue state, I would definitely try acupuncture again, as I'm sure it had an effect.


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