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using seated acupressure massage

What is on site seated acupressure massage?

It is a 20 minute massage. The client remains fully clothed and sits in a specially designed chair. No oils are used. The treatment takes place either at Neal's Yard Remedies or at an employer's place or business.

Ailsa will work on a series of acupressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, back arms and hands. These help improve the flow of energy through the body. Tense muscles will relax. The client will feel revitalised at the end of the session.

Where did on site seated acupressure massage originate?

The treatment was created by David Palmer whilst working for Apple Computers in Silicone Valley, California. He noticed that the majority of the clients he worked with suffered neck, shoulder and back tension from sitting at desks all day (in many case working at a PC).

On site seated acupressure massage is based on an ancient form of Japanese massage known as anma, which means "rub and press".

What is so special about the chair used in seated acupressure massage?

The chair, designed by David Palmer, provides support for the head, chest, forearms and knees. This allows the practitioner to give a more effective massage and provides greater comfort and support for the client.

How long is an onsite seated acupressure massage treatment?

The acupressure sequence takes 20 minutes but appointments are usually thirty minutes to allow for discussion before and after treatment.

What symptoms can acupressure massage help?

Any advice I should follow before or after treatment?

What are the main benefits for a business in offering this service to its employees?

There are many benefits, some tangible some intangible. A less stressed workforce means increased productivity and efficiency. Absenteeism may fall. It shows commitment and a caring attitude to staff. It can help promote harmony in the workplace. There is no capital investment required.


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