Gain many health benefits through

regular physical activity

Your body was designed to move.The saying “use it or lose it” certainly apples to your body’s range of movement. After all, haven’t you sat in one position for some time and then felt sore and stiff?

There are two kinds of physical activity - structured and unstructured. Structured activity is where you devote some time to exercise be it walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi, pilates, exercising at the gym etc. Unstructured activity is the physical activity you do as you go about your normal day to day activities.

The benefits of increasing your level of physical activity are:

Here are some simple ways to increase your level of unstructured activity:

The best exercise for you is one that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it your not going to stick to it and regular exercise is what you are after.

To gain major health benefits you do not have to exercise vigorously. In fact too vigorous exercise carries its own health risks. Moderate exercise on a regular basis should be the goal.

If you are new to exercise, or are suffering from any health issues,you should consult your doctor or other health practitioner before beginning any exercise regime.

Where possible, you should incorporate cardiovascular exercise (one that gets your heart beating faster) and stretching in any exercise regime.

Walking is probably the ideal cardiovascular exercise as it places less stress on the joints than jogging.

Yoga and tai chi are excellent choices for improving flexibility and strength.

Remember, you have to expend some energy to gain more energy.

Regular physical exercise at a moderate pace will support the complementary medicine treatment you receive from Ailsa.

"it’s important to pick an activity that you enjoy"
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