Increase well being through breathing

We breathe without thinking... it’s something that just happens! However, if we do not breathe properly this can have an impact on our physical and emotional well being.

Every cell in the body requires oxygen to function but if we’re not breathing fully then the amount of oxygen reaching the cells is reduced. Equally we eliminate carbon dioxide when we breathe out. If we do not breathe out fully then we are not being efficient at this elimination.

Correct breathing helps to optimise oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide elimination.

Here’s how to breathe correctly:

As you breathe in through the nose feel your diaphragm expand and abdomen rise (consciously push these areas out) When the lungs feel comfortably full, pause then Breathe out through the nose, feel your diaphragm contract and abdomen fall (consciously pull these areas in) Pause, then repeat the cycle

Practice a few cycles of this breath three or four times a day. It will soon become a habit.

Breathing exercises are a fundamental part of therapies such as yoga and t’ai chi. They help integrate mind and body and are excellent for calming the mind and energising the body. Why not give one or both of them a try? There’s sure to be a class near you.

"Something as simple as breathing correctly can improve your health"
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